The Difference Between Condensing And Non Condensing Tankless Water Heater

When you decided to use tankless water heater, we think that’s good idea. But there is a problem when you are asked to choose between condensing and non condensing tankless water heater. Which one you would choose?.  As we know that the tankless water heaters become so popular product and manufacturer numbers become more various.  A tankless have no storage tank on these systems so that are really efficient for home. A tankless water actually uses more powerful burners to able to heat water quickest. Many homeowners regard that the use of tankless water is more efficient and affordable. It uses more fuel when work heating water, in any other time, it uses zero. If compared with a conventional tank.  As the result, tankless verses can spend 40% fuel savings over a conventional tank that can make your tank is always hot. The difference between condensing and non condensing tankless water heater is really contrast.

Condensing Tankless Water Heaters

The good news, condensing tankless water heaters now are available to home owners. Completed with two different heat exchangers.  The first version, commonly is used to heat water to be a temperature you wished.  And the second commonly is smaller and situated near the top of the unit that also has the exhaust gases are used to preheat the incoming water.  Overall, the efficiency of a condensing tankless up to 90%. In addition, the condensing tankless water heaters is regarded as the new innovated product that can provide quick warm water at glance. This is so different than a conventional tankless. Exactly it has  second heat exchanger but it doesn’t take advantages from it so that the exhaust gases are hotter and also need special venting materials.

Ecosmart ECO 27

Sometimes, it can increase the cost of a tankless installation.  In the other hand,  the condensing tankless are actually utilizing that second heat exchanger that help to decrease exhaust temperatures. Indirectly it allows many contractors to use more affordable venting materials.  One of the part of tankless water heater is a condensing tankless. It cools the normally hot exhaust that moisture builds up into the exchanger.  Products of combustion consists from steam and moisture,  these are the result.   When the water adheres into the heat exchanger,  it builds up and drip down.

The pH of the water are produced between 3 and 5. For the condensing tankless water heaters, Rheem prestige is one of popular product that high in demand.  If compared than non condensing tankless water heaters, these are far better.  Completed with stainless steel condensing heat exchanger which can saving up to 94% energy efficient.  Other features include energy safety and efficiency, Intelligent electronic controls designed to increase, have two- pipes direct vent system designed for PVC pipe and also have the hot start programming which support for minimizing the fluctuation in water temperature during periods of frequent on or off daily operation. For the last, it also built- in electric blower.

Non Condensing Tankless Water Heaters

One of popular non condensing tankless water heater is Rinnai. Tha major products of Rinnai commonly is relatively affordable. There are many features that they offer i.e. energy Star qualified, heat exchanger for residential applications, certified for installation in manufactured homes and most of them come into standard with MC- 91 -1US digital controller with error code indicator. The pre-set at 120°F. Energy factor up tp 0.92. Also, has EZ link cable that able to connect 2 units together and compatible with any controller devices. In term of benefits, non condensing tankless water heaters offer you many advantages i.e. enjoy hot water with appliance outlets simultaneously and up to 5 plumbing at glance and always at pre set temperature consistently.

For the capacity,  non condensing tankless water heater is greater, it was up to 7.5 gallons of hot water GPM.  Delivering significant space and up to 50% energy savings. Beside that, non condensing tankless water heaters also offers low cost  and convenience operation.  Beside that, non condensing tankless water heaters  is alsoo environmental friendly that can be used for home industrial or personal.  Overall, there is no significant difference between condensing and non condensing tankless water heater.

The both offers own excellences and it is up to you to choose which is better to be yours. Condensing is the newest technology that is included in every tankless water heater. It attracts many people to buy these products, but non condensing tankless water heater is also much in demand because of its cheap price. If seen from the price, the condensing tankless water heater is higher. For the durability, it depends on how you care it.  We hope that the difference between condensing and non condensing tankless water heater above can help you to determine the best one for you.

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