Easy And Efficient Deluxe Tankless Water Heater

Hot water is very important especially if you live in colder weather or highlander. Water heater could provide you this luxury instantly and easy. The tankless is smaller version that allows you to mount it in any small space. Deluxe Tankless Water Heater by Eccotemp costs $260 at the Amazon. It features Battery ignition, standard half inch plumbing fittings, up to 2.65 GPM, Full water and gas controls. With Dimensions of 6.5 x 13.5 x 28 inches, the unit is small and lightweight for easy installment. This unit does not include shower hose and head. There is only the Water tank in package.


The Deluxe Tankless Water Heater can be used in combination with a solar water heater. Since it does not have a thermostat, this unit still comes on although the water entering it is already hot from solar. The temperature of the water is controlled with two buttons, one for gas and the other for water flow. This unit can be also used for an outdoor deck to fill a clawfoot tub or an outdoor shower at a camp. There is actually no maximum to the number of gallons it can heat as it heats the water as it flows through. The water heater can be used this all year under any condition. It can be installed inside if vented outside since the outside temp has no effect. The pump would go for half hour, triggering the heater and would flow hot water into the pool for 20 minutes and then safety switch would turn the unit off.

Deluxe Tankless Water Heater

Customer Review

This tankless water heater from Eccotemp is effective and fast heating providing hot water for showers and dishes especially for easy hot water on demand. A customer used this water heater at his camp and it works great. The unit was very easy to install but hard to get started. He needed about fifteen try’s to keep it working. It is great after it started working properly. There is plenty of hot water to take a shower and wash dishes using this unit at the same time. Another customer also experiences the same. He liked how it’s Installation fairly easy and heat water in a blink. It is very efficient and the customer service is very good. After receiving the Deluxe Tankless Water Heater a few days later, he received an e-mail to check how things are functioning.

A customer also pleases how the product works well. But he surprise that there is feature not mentioned in the description about a 20 minute safety timer that switch the flame off after 20 minutes of nonstop use. He also likes its nice feature that will operate at a lower pressure by adjust setting of the water pressure that is not stated in the explanation. Overall, if you turn the settings up this Deluxe Tankless Water Heater does deliver very hot water. The upper settings have not been necessary as with the lesser settings the hot water will burn you so he have never had the settings up to max heat level. This water heater is very efficient although It does consume a little more fuel than publicized.

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