Eemax EX95 Electric Tankless Water Heater with Flow Controller

For those who live in area with cool temperature, having hot water for shower or washing hand is very important so they can keep their hygiene. You can achieve this luxury with water heater. If you have limited space in your bathroom, tankless water heater is a great idea as it does not come with tank that consumes space. This Eemax EX95 Electric Tankless Water Heater is produced by the Eemax that you can purchase at the for $360. Make sure you check the warranty before making a purchase. The unit is easy to use as it automatically provides heat when you open the tap. If you need tankless water heater, this one is the perfect for you.


This great Eemax EX95 Electric Tankless Water Heater unit is hard wired that can be used for instant-on hot water under the kitchen sink. The unit is easy to install without the T and P valve required so almost anyone can install it. The unit is energy efficient as there is only one cold water line to lavatory so you do not waste hot water. It requires 240V and 9.5kW of voltage and can heat water up to 65 Degree Fahrenheit enough for hot shower when the weather is too cold. No more freezing in the bathroom when showering, shaving or washing hand It measures  5.25-Inch Height x 10.75-Inch Width x 3-Inch Depth, relatively small for product with great functionality .

Eemax EX95 Electric Tankless Water Heater

Customer review

Many customers pleased with the Eemax EX95 Electric Tankless Water Heater about how it can last for 8 years for showering and cleaning with hot water. It is flow controlled that starts heating when the water flowing. Just open the tap and you get hot water flowing. The problem is the water gets very hot and could burn you if you have a low water flow level. This unit is not the thermostatically controlled version that does not limit the max temperature and is perfect for laundry hot water. Water turns hot according to need. The model is compact and efficient.

Another customer also pleases how this great product works as expected. The unit is very recommended and easy to install with just a simple connection and you are ready to go. You might need a temperature regulator as it is not easy to control without this part. Overall, this Eemax EX95 Electric Tankless Water Heater is a good for its price. Although it works well, unfortunately it depends on pressure and flow of water to control temperature making the output is lower than expected.


Eemax EX95 Electric Tankless Water Heater works well and there is no usual problem that tank heaters have. When you install the unit, make sure you provide room to take out the element without take off the whole unit from the wall. Apply the rubber O-ring with some Vaseline so when the element finally burns out it can be removed. The elements can last around 3 years. However, it should have a design that make dismounting of the element a bit easier.

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