Eemax SP3512 Electric Tankless Water Heater

This article will talk about Eemax SP3512 review, which is a tankless water heater with various features and high performance system. Many people try to find a good water heater in order to make a daily supply of hot water for their needs. Daily supply of hot water is an important need because we often use it for various activities and matter. For examples, we need hot water for shower and bathing purposes. However, not every water heater will offer an efficient electricity usage and will make us pay too much money. Fortunately, the Eemax SP 3512 can provide us with both efficient energy usage and great features that will be described further.

eemax sp3512 spec sheet

Eemax SP3512 Features

One of the most notable features in the Eemax SP 3512 is the needless of T and P valve. Whit this feature, this water heater will have easier installation if compared with other water heater that needs the addition of T and P valve. Additionally, due to this feature this water heater will save some space on your house. The other feature this water heater has to offer is its water connection that has high compression value of 3/8 inches. The compression itself is located on the top of this unit.

The other Eemax SP 3512 feature that we will describe is the unit electricity cost. Unlike many other water heaters, this water heater is built with low energy cost. This unit can operate on 120 Volt electricity voltage and will use 3, 5 KW electricity for its operational mode. To make things better, Eemax SP3512 water heater is also have good temperature rise of 48 Fahrenheit or 5 GPM which is considered quick and efficient. Last but not least this water heater will grant one water line which makes it easier to install.

Eemax SP3512 Feedback

Eemax S3512 water heater can be considered as a compact water heater because of the tankless feature and its variety of useful features. Additionally this water heater is designed with stylish and minimalist design which will be suitable for small house and lounge purpose. This water heater is designed with approximately 11 inches wide, 5, 5 inches height and 3 inches dimension. Finally, this water heater only cost $ 350 which is considered an affordable price for a water heater. Thus, after we read and analyze Eemax SP 3512 review described in this article we can conclude that this water heater is a good water heater to be owned.

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