Navien NR-210A Tankless Water Heater

Navien NR-210A is known as one of tankless water heater product that has many great features. First of all, many people need water heater in order to keep their daily needs satisfied. The daily needs they need of course are the hot water itself. Hot water is important because it can be used mainly for bathing purpose or even to help in cleaning purpose. Due to this reason water heater has become a popular unit that is being searched by many people. In the next paragraph we will help you in comprehend the features provided by this Navien NR-210A water heater unit, its capabilities and features to give you an insight on how this water heater can help you on your everyday life. Navien NR-210A Features and Specs There are many features contained on Navien NR-210A. First, it is about its efficiency. This water heater unit provides us a remarkable condensing efficiency. Some of the features including low operating cost in bot electricity cost, highest rating of energy factor with 0, 96 DOE. Additionally, this water heater also boast an eco-friendly feature with its low emission level which can be considered the lowest among all of the water heater and reduced NOx emission level due to its unique Eco Pre Mixed Burner feature. to make things better this water heater also installed with air pressure sensor and gas pressure sensor that offer stable and safe combustion level on the gas for heating the water. navien nr-210a error codes For the Navien NR-210A specifications, this unit offer forced direct vent, and electric ignition engine which considered the most efficient and safest among other water heater specification. In addition to the vent and ignition system this unit also equipped with three connection inlet that provide hot water, cold water and gas all of this connection has ¾ NPT. Finally the cost of energy used by this unit is considered low with only 60Hz 200W electricity usage for its operational mode and 120 VAC for its activation. Navien NR-210A conclusion After we know about the features offered by the Navien NR-210A water heater, we will know that this water heater offer a variety of features, from high efficiency features to the low energy usage. Additionally with its eco-friendly features, this water heater is a great water heater to be installed in our home. to make things better this water heater also comes with three warranty from the labor or installation that have 1 year warranty, parts and component exchange warranty for 5 years and heat exchanger warranty for 15 years! This warranty features concludes Navien NR-210A which is concluded as one of the best water heater for home purpose.

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