Outdoor High Capacity Eccotemp L10 Tankless Water Heater

This Eccotemp L10 Tankless Water Heater is produced by Eccotemp Systems that cost $250 at the Amazon. The kit includes stainless steel rain cap, CSA recognized 9 inch gas hose and regulator for use on an ordinary grill 20 lb style tank, half inch adapter from NPT to garden hose, automatic 20 minute protection shutoff timer and 74,500 BTU’s.


If you want to do your own DIY project, those with no previous plumbing experience should be able to install the unit themself only with the guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Instead of using the garden hose, you can attach to a hard pipe in the installation. Customer service of the Eccotemp L10 Tankless Water Heater would gladly help you in supporting my installation. They will patiently help you resolve any your problem. You can use a standard grill size propane tank to run the unit. It won’t run the unit correctly if the tank regulator has any inner wear or damage although the tank remains to run a barbecue.

Eccotemp L10 Tankless Water Heater


Make sure to drain the unit after it cools off. To protect the coils you have to drain it when it freezes below about 20. When it is beneath freezing, you may flow the water and burn it up. It only has to be set at a lesser temperature; it works on a single switch use. It will fill a full bathtub with hot water easily. Except you run out of propane, you won’t run out of hot water. This Eccotemp L10 Tankless Water Heater can work for the shower and sinks in RV fed by a RV 12 volt water pump. If you want to expose this water heater to weather, make sure to put a plastic cover over it. To keep it continues to operate constantly in windy conditions, try shelter from the wind. A low water pressure situation might cause some problems adjusting the temperature of the water from the shower. But you can solve those problems by removing the low-flow restrictions from the shower head and Setting the unit properly.

Customer reviews

Many customers get the benefits of this Eccotemp L10 Tankless Water Heater. They love how they can have hot water forever and how it is Easy to install and works great. The output temperature of water depends on the flow of the water. So to get warm water you’ll need to run water with this heater slow in winter if water close to freezing. Low flow showerheads reduce the flow more than Regular showerheads. Consider these to decide these units will provide sufficient hot water for your necessities.

A customer thinks that his L10 is pleasing and work well and the customer service is great. He uses his water heater in a new bathroom for a shower and sink. The unit is small and cheap enough for his available space and budget. Although he have low water flow and stay in a strong wind area that both of these situations may cause potential issues for this water heater, he was pleased with the Eccotemp L10 Tankless Water Heater.

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