Rinnai RL94IN Tankless Water Heater Review

If you are looking for a sophisticated water heater, Rinnai RL94IN becomes the best for you. It is a water heater produced by Rinnai and equipped with several new features that are innovative. It is really needed by many people who need a useful house appliance to provide them warm water for any needs. If you are interested in purchasing this water heater, here are some points that will explain you about the specification and any features about this heater. After reading some reviews below, you can realize that this heater is included as a house appliance that is needed by you.

Specification and Features 

For the specification of Rinnai RL94IN, the heater can conduct natural burn rate from 10.300 BTUs for its minimum burn rate until 199.000 BTUs as its maximum rate. Hence, you can choose about its burn rate which is needed for you. For its water capacity range, it is ranged from 0.4 until 9.8. For its fuel, this machine uses natural gas. One of the most important things is about its temperature range. For the temperature, it is available from 98 to 140 Fahrenheit. It can be installed for several uses such as indoor needs, commercial needs and residential needs.

rinnai tankless water heater pros and cons

Now let’s talk about some features from Rinnai RL94IN. The first feature which is really innovative is Circ-Logic system. It makes the water cycling process becomes more efficient. Besides, the heater also has leak detection feature that will turn off the machine quickly to reduce any damage on machine. For the temperature feature, the machine is equipped with innovative feature. It will keep the temperature on its track. Therefore, there will be no change of it and prevent any unwanted things related with water temperature.

Rinnai RL94IN has slim and dynamic design that is really gorgeous. The most important thing is, this heater can be used for several needs. The machine allows us to control it with digital control. Through the digital panel, there are some features that can be chosen based on our needs. Thus, it will be easier to control the heater especially, when we are going to use it.  Besides, there is also a remote that is provided to help us in controlling the heater. For its performance, RL94IN has better performance compared with other product like, EEMAX SP 3512.

Customer Review and Price

Rinnai RL94IN is being known by many people because of its several great features. Besides, this heater is often chosen by many people as their heater inside the house. There are some people that already try Rinnai RL94IN. One of the satisfy customers is Jane. Based on the review from Jane, the heater is very efficient. Just turn on the heater and wait for a while then, the water is ready to be used. One of the features that are loved by her is about its digital panel. It makes her easier to control the heater.

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Tankless water heater becomes a modern house appliance that is familiar for its efficiency and low-cost feature. The price of RL94IN is $ 1.079. However, you will get this heater for $ 722 if, you buy it on Amazon. The other great thing that you can get by buying it from Amazon is its free shipping cost that can bring the heater in front of your house with any addition cost. Hence, you won’t need to add any money to pay for other cost that can spend your money. Hence, you can start to browse this heater on Amazon.com to buy this water heater. For the conclusion, Rinnai RL94IN becomes a tankless water heater that contains with many great features that is needed by many people.


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