Rinnai RU98EN Tankless Water Heater Review

Rinnai RU98EN is one of the water heater product developed and marketed by Rinnai other than the Rinnai RL94IN. This advanced water heater is developed with the latest technology by Rinnai that will bring various kinds of features and benefits for people who want a water heater that can work well on the outdoor and have easy installment process. For people who are interested in this product, here are some of the features and benefits that are offered by this product. Some of these features will give you many benefits that can help you in saving your time and money for other important matter.

Rinnai RU98EN Features

One of the best features from Rinnai RU98EN is its latest water condensing features that are developed specifically so it this water heater will only consume limited energy and have greater energy savings. This feature is one of the best features provided by Rinnai water heater, because, if compared with the common water heater, Rinnai water heater will provide significant energy consumption to condense water and heating it. On the other hand, common water heater is known consume much energy which resulted in large bill at the end of the month. This is of course will make Rinnai water heater a better water heater choice for people who want to save more money.rinnai RU98EN tankless water heater price

In addition to the efficient energy consumption and saving the latest Rinnai RU98EN also provide other unique features. Other features are the large selection of model. This Rinnai water heater will provide us with four different types of models that we can choose according to our liking. Every model will have 12 years of warranty, 1 year of warranty for home installation and finally 5 years warranty for parts changing. The large warranty time can provide us with easier time in repairing or installing the water heater which is very beneficial for us.

Rinnai RU98EN is also set in on 120°F and available in two different temperatures range according to the types of the machine. For commercial types this water heater will have temperature ranges from 98°F – 185°F. On the other hand, for the residential or home purpose this water heater condenser from Rinnai is available on 98°F – 140°F temperature ranges. Compared with other product like Eccotemp FVI -12-NG, Rinnai is better since; there are many features that are given for this heater.

Rinnai RU98EN Conclusion and Price

Rinnai RU98EN water heater is one of the most popular water heater produced by Rinnai. Many people have been satisfied with this product and being helped by this water heater product. One of the examples for a satisfied customer is Zack and Sophia. According to Zack this water heater has a great energy saving system that allows him to save the energy consumption which resulted in lower energy cost. On the other hand, according to Sophia this water heater is very efficient and can provide her with a lot of hot water in a flash. Additionally, this water heater designed with compact size that will save some space.

This water heater from Rinnai is priced for $ 2,060, 00 on its regular price. However, if you try to purchase this water heater from the amazon you will have a special price of $1, 348, 00. This means you can save for approximately $705, 00 additionally, amazon will offer you a free shipping cost which means you does not have to pay for the shipping cost of this water heater if you live in another country.  In conclusion, with all of the features and benefits explained above we can conclude that the Rinnai RU98EN water heater is a worthy product to be purchased, especially if we purchase it in Amazon that will save our money and give us more benefits.


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