Tankless Water Heater Installation

What people can do if they cannot get hot water access in their home? It will be okay when it is summer but there is no question that it will be hard time for them when they have to face the cold season. People need water for various activities from showering to washing. Without hot water supply in the house, people will not be able to do those activities during the cold season. That is why people need to install the proper water heater in their home so they can get the comfort and can do the daily activities properly. People of course cannot miss the opportunity for enjoying the relaxation inside the tub which is filled with hot water after spending the day time under the stress at the workplace. That is why people need to make sure that they have the best water heater installation in their home. When people are talking about water heater, they are offered with some options. They can choose the water heater installation with tank or tankless water heater installation. People maybe are pretty familiar with tank water heater installation but there are some reasons which make them should choose water heater installation without tank.


Water heater surely becomes crucial installation for every modern home but many homeowners do not realize that their water heater installation use the energy which is included as the highest among all appliances which are used in the house. It means that they have to spend more money for paying the energy bills from their water heater. In fact, people will find that the traditional water heater will has much higher energy because it will keep the water hot even when people do not use it. It means that there is a lot of money which is wasted every year so people start to consider about installing tank less water heater in their houses. People of course have to consider about the benefits offered by tank less water heater before they can make decision to install it for their home. The greatest benefit which people can find when they install tank less water heater is that they will have more hot water. It means that people will be able to enjoy hot water stream in the shower even when they are washing the dishes or laundry. People do not have to worry about the water heating bill when they enjoy the spa or hot tub. Cold showers will be old story because there are no more tanks which can run out of hot water. The water will be heated as they need it so there will be no more running out of hot water story. Of course people cannot deny that this water heater system will make them save money because the water will be heated when they use it. There will be a lot of money which can be saved every year. It can also be used for long enough time because the installation can be used for 20 years before they consider replacing it. People will also get the hot water supply which is cleaner than the water supply from water heater with tank.

Tankless Water Heater Installation

DIY Installation Steps

Now, installing tank less water heater can be the modern choice which is better than traditional one. However, people do not think that they will replace their current water heater with the tank less one because they think that it will make them spend a lot of money for hiring the professional heating system contractor. People love to enjoy the great benefits from tankless water heater installation but they think that they cannot spend money for this project yet if they have to hire the professional service. In fact, people can follow some steps for installing the tank less water heater so they will be able to save money from this project. Of course it is necessary for paying attention to every detail which is needed for installing the tank less water heater if people want to get the best support from this water heater installation and at the same time keep it safe. The very first thing which people should do before they can install the tank less water heater is that the system will need gas supply lines with larger diameter. It will also need the power supply with higher voltage, stainless steel flue which is dedicated and special, as well as exhaust system with larger diameter. It is important to consider about this before people do this as DIY project.

People are recommended to use the special set of union connector for water supply employing the bypass capability. By using this set, people will find that the de-liming maintenance process in the future will be easier as well as simpler. Before people can start the installation process, they have to turn off the main line of incoming water to the house so the process of water heater installation properly and smoothly. The supply line of the old water heater should be disconnected but they should place a bucket under the bib just in case there is still water left in the line. The heat source of old water heater should also be disconnected. People need to close the gas supply valve for instance or they can simply unplug the unit from the outlet on the wall. Now the old water heater is disconnected successfully and they have to remove it and dispose it properly according to the law. Next people can prepare the tank less water heater by removing it from the carton box and place the instruction and hardware near the water heater parking space.

It is important for people to choose the right place for installing the appliance and they have to make sure that the area is cleaned properly for following the codes from local building and state. Reading the instruction is very important before people can start the installation process. From the instruction, people can mount the heater on the wall properly. They have to make sure that the weight of water heater unit is supported properly. After mounting the water heater unit on the wall, they can hook up all the connections including the water and gas connection to the unit. Ventilation ducting should be installed if people want to use the tank less gas water heater but people must not forget that commonly the water heater will need flue with larger size or made from special stainless steel. People can start with the water supply line and then they can attach the heat source whether it is gas or electricity power supply. People should read the directions from manufacturer and follow it by lighting the pilot which is located on the gas water heater. Last but not least, people just need to go to their shower and enjoy the hot water stream just like their expectation.

Best Tank less Water Heater

Tank less water heater surely becomes the modern option of water heater installation which can be great replacement for their old water heater. However, it does not mean that people will be difficult to find the water heater on the market. There are so many options of tank less water heater products which can be found out there but people should choose the best product which can help them get the best performance for providing the hot water stream at home. There are some aspects which people will consider when they are looking for the best water heater especially the tank less water heater. Brand surely should be considered although people also have to consider about the features offered. Bosch becomes the brand which has good reputation in water heater product for long enough time. This brand will offer people with various choices associated with water heater products so it will not be hard to find the perfect choice for their home. At least people can choose seven different models from this brand which come with good enough efficiency rate. People will also be able to find another great product of tank less water heater by choosing unit offered by Rinnai. Two separate models can be found from this brand and it comes with good efficiency rate as well.

Four separate models of water heater product which can be the best option can be found from Takagi brand. People can find various inputs from the product offered by this brand and surely it comes with great energy efficiency average rate. Last but not least, people can find the Noritz brand which is another best option of tank less water heater which people can find these days. People can find the unit which is above average in all categories and this can be the reason why Noritz becomes the best brand for water heater unit which people can find these days. Of course people can choose the water heater unit according to their need and ability. It means that people really need to consider about the features needed for tank less water heater. Of course considering about the cost is very important to consider for getting the best tankless water heater installation.

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